Palawan is rich with natural wonders, from the clear blue sea, soft-sand beaches, to the bountiful and colorful fishes, and the mysteries of an underground river. Take some time and discover what makes Palawan beautiful to you. Marina de Bay offers different tours that will take you in and outside of Puerto Princesa City, so you can find what makes Palawan truly special.

*Children age 3 to 4 years old have a 50% discount on tours.
*Children age 5 and above are 100% charged for the tours.

Underground River Tour

One of Palawan’s best gem, traveling the Underground River is an experience worth taking. Find out why it is heralded as one of the great Natural Wonders of the World. With a small boat and an experienced guide, you will enter an expansive cavern filled with rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, and different kinds of wildlife. Feel like an explorer going on a trip to the past, and go to this great adventure.

1 month pre-booking is required
Approximately from 7:30am until 5:00pm
Inclusive of tour guide, van rental, boat rental fees, entrance fees, and buffet lunch.
Php 2,000 per person

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

Palawan have a lot of picture-perfect beaches, some of these beaches are found in the different islands at Honda Bay. Hop from one island to another and discover what makes each island unique. Starfish island holds an abundance of different starfishes, from sand dollars scattered along the coast to big dark blue ones you can see clearly when you swim at the sea. Don’t worry, as for Snake island, it isn’t filled with reptiles, the name was given because of the curving shape of the island. Instead, one can find schools of fishes swimming freely if you happen to snorkel at Snake island. More islands to be discovered at Honda Bay, whether you decide to frolic and swim, or if you just want to relax and sunbathe, and have a glorious picnic lunch, with the sea as your view.

Snorkeling at Snake island, swimming at Starfish island and more!
Approximately from 7:30am until 4:00pm
Inclusive of tour guide, van rental, boat rental fees, entrance fees, and picnic lunch.
Php 1,300 per person

City Tour

Take some time and see what Puerto Princesa City has to offer. Take a peek of the lives of the locals living in the city, visit where they go to Church, or where they occasionally dine. See some of the places they are most proud of. This includes the Puerto Princesa Palawan Crocodile Farm, where one can see, first hand, the conservation efforts for the Philippine Crocodiles. Spend the day in the city, and let yourself be charmed by what this city has to give.

Puerto Princesa Palawan Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa Palawan Cathedral and more!
Approximately from 1:30pm until 5:30pm
Inclusive of tour guide, van rental, and entrance fees.
Php 600 per person

Scuba Diving Tour

Dive in to another world and experience what few has done. Discover our sea’s rich and colourful biodiversity.

Either morning tour or afternoon tour.
Inclusive of 2 dives, scuba instructor, van rental, boat rental, and diving equipment.
Php 3,300 per person

Firefly Watching Tour

On the banks of Iwahig River, numerous fireflies are seen lighting up different trees. Take a boat ride along the river, with an experienced guide, and learn and see how the tiny lights that blink are important in our lives. Truly a magical experience, be enchanted by the most little of things, and see what we don’t usually see in our daily life.

Approximately from 6:30pm until 10:00pm
Inclusive of tour guide, van rental, boat rental fees, and entrance fees.
Additional Php 300 per person for inclusion of dinner.
Php 900 per person

Dos Palmas Day Tour

Make a quick visit to this beautiful island resort and spend the day relaxing at their beach, or snorkel at the sea. Enjoy other leisure activities that Dos Palmas has to offer.

Approximately from 6:30am until 5:00pm
Inclusive of tour guide, van rental, boat rental fees, entrance fees, buffet lunch,
and use of all facilities and amenities in the resort.
Php 2,500 per person